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Ep #20 – Ripple bubble bursting, 2018 Crypto Theses, China BTC mining, Stellar & Top 10 Cryptos

Ep #19 – Australian BTC block, RBC $10 Trillion, Ripple Record, India BTC legal or illegal?

Ep #18 – A.I. blockchain, South Korean Exchange, Bitcoin fever CNBC

Ep #17 – Bitcoin $5k, BitcoinCash sale, Browser Mining, bitcoin ransom paid

Ep #16 – ICO Crackdown, South Korea FUD, Ripple Takes #3 Spot

Ep #15 – Bitcoin & Top 10 Crypto Coin Review for Dec. 22, 2017


Ep #11 – Crypto Pets cracking Ethereum, who started bitcoin, CME Future go live today, Bitcoin Holiday products [link to MP3]

Ep #10 – EU clampdown on bitcoin, Arisebank FDIC Insured crypto-bank, bitfinex issues [link to MP3]

Ep #9 – US Prosecutors looking for bitcoin, Poloniex class action suit, PineappleFund, Bitcoin big short, securing crypto [link to MP3]

Ep #8 – Bitcoin Salaries the future? Scams, Miami penthouse 33 BTC, Bitcoin bubble continues [link to MP3]

Ep#7 | Women in Crypto, What if I had invested in BTC, Grayscale sells BCC, CoinMarketCap [link to MP3]

Ep#6 [Dec. 12, 2017 ] | SEC ICOs paper, BTC ATH, Bitgo VC raise, Litecoin up, Bitcoin electrical usage [link to MP3]

Ep#5 | $300k bitcoin Winkelvoss bet, Jihan Wu, SNL bitcoin. Binance Stop limits [link to MP3]

Ep#4 | Bitcoin Sage Show: CBOE Bitcoin Future start trading, Coinbase #1 App on App Store [link to MP3]

Ep#3 | Bitcoin Sage Show: Nicehash Hacked, CME/CBOE Bitcoin Futures, Kramers kills bitcoin [link to MP3]

Ep#2 | SEC rejects Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF [link to MP3]

Ep#1 | The Mission [link to MP3]

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