Ep #12 – Dubai properties in BTC, North Korean hacker targeting coin companies, bitcoin liquidity, CME Bitcoin Futures

This is episode #012 of the Bitcoin Sage show (@bitcoinsage).

Today’s episode about bitcoin & crypto-currencies on December 18, 2017 – let’s get started with:

Dubai is now allow people to sell their real estate using bitcoin thanks to OneGram which is based in Dubai.

More news out of Dubai as it wants to become the leader in government’s running on blockchain technology.

North Korean hackers are targeting employees of coin companies to steal their crypto-currencies.

Securing your Crypto-Currencies blog post here at BitcoinSage.com

CME Bitcoin futures

CBOE Bitcoin Futures

Analyst who predicted bitcoin’s rise now sees it hitting $300,000-$400,000

Bitcoin’s illiquidity is going to be a huge problem when the bubble bursts

The Swedish co-founder of Bitcoin.com, one of the largest websites in the industry, has sold all his bitcoins because it’s “as good as useless”

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