Ep #13 – CBOE, Bitcoin ETF, HashChain IPO, Easyjet Coinvesting, Swiss Digital Asset Bank

This is episode #013 of the Bitcoin Sage show (@bitcoinsage).

Today’s episode about bitcoin & crypto-currencies on December 19, 2017 – let’s get started with:

CBOE Blog Post: Hedging bitcoin with XBT Bitcoin Futures

Bitcoin ETF Could Launch In 6 Months

Survey: Most Bitcoin Investors Expect Even Fatter Returns in 2018

Canadian Venture Exchange Approves Crypto-Mining Company HashChain to Launch Monday

Crypto Watch: The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Just Surged 24% In 90 Minutes

EasyJet Picks COVESTING to Educate their Flyers on Crypto

Switzerland’s Crypto Finance raises €13.7 million on road to banking license

A Bitcoin Hedge Fund’s Return: 25,004% (That Wasn’t a Typo)

The Bitcoin Boom: In Code We Trust

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