EP#2 | SEC rejects Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF

This is episode #002 of the Bitcoin SAGE show (@bitcoinsage).

Today’s episode cover the SEC rejection of the Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF, Bitcoin Price Action, Bitcoin transactional volume and Ethereum triples in price. Focusing blockchain technology, bitcoin and other digital currencies. Find out more about the mission behind our web show.

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Ep#1 | The Mission of Bitcoin Sage Show (podcast)

Ep#1 | The Mission of Bitcoin Sage Show (podcast)

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Bitcoin Sage Show (Ep#5): $300k bitcoin Winkelvoss bet, Jihan Wu, SNL bitcoin. Binance Stop limits

This is episode #005 of the Bitcoin SAGE show (@bitcoinsage).

Today’s episode covers the latest bitcoin price prediction by the Winkelvoss twins – they are predicting a 20x increase in bitcoin approx $300k.

UBS to Launch Live Ethereum Platform with Barclays, Credit Suisse and More

On the opposite end CNBC’s Jim Cramer says bitcoin is going to get annihilated and go down to near nothings.

Bitmex CEO says we can expect more volatility from bitcoin trading now that futures are live.

CBOE Bitcoin XBT futures are live and trading is very positive to start.

Binance adds stop limits to trading.

SNL mentions Bitcoin, as does Howard Stern – it keeps getting mentions & attention of the masses.



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Bitcoin Sage Show (Ep#4): CBOE Bitcoin Future start trading, Coinbase #1 App on App Store

This is episode #004 of the Bitcoin SAGE show (@bitcoinsage). Today’s episode cover the latest over the last day or so in the crypto currency space, first CoinBase offers up a message to user to be careful when investing in crypto. https://blog.coinbase.com/please-invest-responsibly-an-important-message-from-the-coinbase-team-bf7f13a4b0b1

Coinbase hits #1 app spot on the App Store – getting millions in free promotions each day. https://techcrunch.com/2017/12/07/coinbase-hits-top-spot-on-apples-us-app-store/

Ethereum network is getting crushed by Crypto Kitties that latest program written on ethereum – proving both innovation and lack of scalability.

CBOE Bitcoin XBT Futures have started trading, with a pop to the upside, let’s see how this and the CME futures will affect bitcoins prices action as we trade in the coming days.

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Bitcoin Sage Show (Ep#3): Nicehash Hacked, CME/CBOE Bitcoin Futures, Kramers kills bitcoin

This is episode #003 of the Bitcoin SAGE show (@bitcoinsage). Today’s episode cover the Nicehash hack of 4,700 BTC, the bitcoin futures from the CME, CBOE (quote from NYSE being late with their futures.

Bitcoin Futures – Learn the Basics w/ Ugly Old Goat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXUEf…

Bulgarian Gov has 200,000 BTC they seize last year.

Bitfinex and other exchanges are having issues dealing with the flood of traffic and new users.

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