Ripple is the AOL disk of crypto-currency industry buyer beware – just because of you see it everywhere doesn’t mean there is a value.

With the big moves seen in Ripple $XRP over the last week or so – everyone is interested in Ripple, this next wave of crypto newbies are buying up Ripple because of its current low price relative to other coins/tokens.

Ripple = token

not crypto- currency

Questions I’ve been asked.

Isn’t XRP a big fraud considering that its entirely held by Ripple, unlike Bitcoin?

When will Coinbase add Ripple?

What are you buying when you purchase a Ripple coin (XRP)? In other words, what can you do with it other than, buy/sell/exchange other cryptocurrencies?

Does Ripple (XRP) have potential for big gains in 2018?

Below was a great post from @girevik which I thought sums it up well.

Some Quora question replies on the Ripple topic.

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