Securing your Crypto Currency Assets

Start by reading this post on Security by legend & my mentor @notsofast

I’d like to start by saying with all the great innovation and opportunity that bitcoin, blockchain and crypto-currencies provide they are a security nightmare. Also security is one of those dirty secrets no one really like to talk about, especially when you have your digital assets stolen.  This lack of information and clarity gives hackers and advantage.  The goal of this post and the many posts, videos and podcasts to follow will explore and provide clarity to these issues to help everyone be secure with their digital assets.

Point #1 – You are your security firm – previous your bank protect your assets for thefts, loss or error.

You are on your own now, that’s scary and empowering – take baby steps to ensure you are building a secure foundation for your digital assets to be stored.

Your weakest point is going to be your desktop computer & your smartphone. You will need to secure both if you want to not lose all your coins & digital assets.

Point #2 – Understand you are NOT SECURE – right now!

You need to secure the following:

  • Desktop computer ( Windows )
  • Smartphone
  • Wireless provider
  • Email provider
  • Internet Access ( Router & VPN )

Next Step: Securing your Windows computer


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