Building your Secure Crypto Profile / Presence

Let’s make sure you have everything done to get started on the next step.

#1 – Have you secured your Windows computer with:

#2 – You’ve created a secure environment using an encryption software

  • That way nothing related to crypto-currency can be found our your computer outside of your encrypted folder or USB drive.

#3 – You’ve purchase at least one Water & Fire proof safe ( with plans for a backup off-site location )

  • Without this step you might as well stop here – nothing else is worth doing with a proper safe at your current location.

Only if all 3 Steps above are complete should you proceed to the next steps in building your secure crypto profile.

The next few steps will help us secure the last few items required to build out your secure crypto identity.

  1. Securing your Smartphone
  2. Securing your Email Address
  3. Securing your Internet Access
  4. Securing your Wireless router

Next Step: Securing your Smartphone & Securing your Mobile Phone Provider

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