Encrypting your Data to Secure your Digital Assets

One of the best recommendations is to house all your crypto info in a secure encrypted folder or drive. For this I would recommend an encryption program, I use:

Veracrypt – which is free and can help you secure a folder, or a USB drive.

I would put all your crypto folders and organize yourself in this encrypted folder.  This will help you avoid a large majority of attacks designed to gain access to your computer and simple find all your docs, text files, emails, etc. that would allow someone to gain access to your email or phone which is always the end goal.

Create your folders

  • crypto-assets
  • crypto-ids
  • crypto-exchanges
  • crypto-social
  • crypto-secure-docs

Then build any information you get into your folders to ensure NOTHING is on your desktop or computer that would allow anyone to gain any insight into your crypto accounts, assets, emails, etc.

Next Step: Keeping Your Papers Water & Fire Safe