Keeping your Papers Water & Fire Safe

I was surprised how much of your security in the digital asset space depends on having physical paper copies of everything, include using paper wallets, hardware wallets, encrypted USB keys and more.  All of which require a safe and convenient place for your to both store them and retrieve but are safe from the risks of being stolen, burned or damaged by water.

Let’s get started below is a list of items you will need to purchase:

Step #1:  You need to buy a Water & Fire Proof Safe

Here is a blog post on fire & water proof safes to read.

I recommend this starter safe for anyone – it’s about $30-$60 depending on where you live or purchase it. I can get it for $29.95 CDN at Lowes Canada.

First Alert makes some bigger models, I have those as well, I would recommend this start safe for everyone and as your needs or safe needs increase – you can increase the size of your safe to meet your needs. Just make sure they are Water proof and Fire proof to


Don’t invest in cheaper safe that are not water safe or fire safe, also don’t believe anything you read about fire safe bags, they are pure garbage so avoid it and get the right safe.

Step #2: Get an off-site location for a back-up ( another site or a bank safety deposit box )

This one is simple to achieve. Buy another safe and place copies of the same items and store it at a close family members house, lawyer or office.

If these options don’t work for you, for a small monthly fee you can get a safety deposit box at your local bank to act as your backup safe location.

Next Step: Building your Secure Crypto Profile / Presence

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