Securing your Windows Computer – Bitcoin / Digital Assets Security How-to

Securing your Windows Computer (as best you can)

Let’s get started with trying to secure your Windows computer – which can never be really secure. Knowing that you need to build all your digital assets on a foundation know that your computer is not secure. Now you have to decide how secure you need to be.  For simplicity sake – I will cover the common security user and I will touch upon the ultra secure user.

Let’s start with this article:

Windows 10 quick tips: How to protect your privacy


The next few softwares I recommend buying the full versions – ( Please pay for your software – all your MONEY / Digital Assets demand on this security so DON’T CHEAP OUT !!!)

Download and install the follow Malware software:

Download and install Voodoo Shield software:

Download and install an Anti-Virus Software

Next Step: Encrypting your Data to Securing your Digital Assets